A Business of his Own: Mune Gowda & Ninjacart

A Business of his Own: Mune Gowda & Ninjacart

Quote: “When I came to know about the lockdown, I was scared and planned to move back to my village. But, then I gave a thought to those 350 customers who buy their fruits and veggies from me. I decided to stay back and brave the situation with utmost safety, ensuring to maintain a regular stock of supplies.” 

Mune Gowda — Owner of Fresh Mart

Munne Gowda has been running a small business in Bengaluru for the last 8 years. Coming from a farmers’ family, he practised farming in his village before getting into the business. In his village, he faced difficulties in farming because of water scarcity. Also, he often wouldn’t receive the right price for his produce. So, he got disillusioned and began looking for options.

 Mr Gowda had always dreamed of having a small business of his own and came to Bengaluru in 2013 to fulfil his dream. With the help of his wife and younger brother, he started a retail store in Marathahalli. Now, he is able to provide a good education to his two little children from his earnings. 

During the Covid-19 lockdowns,  he could get regular supplies with the help of Ninjacart, and this helped him continue his business without any issues. Post Covid-19 induced lockdowns, almost half of his customers had moved to online purchases. This affected his business, but there were still a few loyal customers who trusted his service and quality. Mr Gowda, in turn, trusts Ninjacart to supply his shop with quality fresh produce, which keeps his customers satisfied and content.


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