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Ninjacart is India's largest Fresh Produce Supply Chain Company. We are pioneers in solving one of the toughest supply chain problems of the world by leveraging innovative technology. We source fresh produce from farmers and deliver them to businesses within 12 hours.

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The future of Fresh Produce supply chain is Ninjacart

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Creating opportunities for everyone

We are the first platform enabling increased benefits for farmers, retailers, and consumers. 

Benefits for farmers
  • 20% more revenue
  • One-stop-sale
  • Payment in 24 hours
  • Transparent weighing
Convenience for retailers
  • Competitive pricing
  • Doorstep delivery
  • High quality graded produce
  • Convenient & time saving
Savings for consumers
  • Hygienically handled produce
  • 100% traceable to farm -
    Improves food safety
  • Better quality

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Be a part of an organisation of brilliant thinkers who work towards something new, every day.

Investors who put their faith in us

What are people
saying about Ninjacart

Subrata Mitra
Subrata Mitra
Partner at Accel India

Ninjacart has been attempting to alleviate major issues in India’s fruit and vegetables supply chain over the past several years. The team has managed to get into a clear leadership position in that ecosystem, especially around South Indian cities. With the current round of financing, we expect them to continue to scale rapidly, enter new cities, and enable direct relationships with farmers and shop owners across even more categories.

Nandan Nilekani
Nandan Nilekani

The team at Ninjacart has made impressive progress and demonstrated that they can think and execute at scale. Streamlining the agricultural sector using the latest technology and supply chain, benefits farmers with higher prices and consumers with lower costs. As they scale up nationwide, they will really make a difference and impact on how farmer's market their produce.

Shubhang Shankar
Shubhang Shankar
from Syngenta Ventures

At Syngenta we are committed to supporting innovation that improves the livelihood and economic security of farmers across the globe. We have been very impressed by Ninjacart's success in developing a solution that provides improved market access to Indian farmers while at the same time delivering high quality practices across the farm to fork supply chain. We look forward to supporting Ninjacart on this journey, ultimately delivering benefits to numerous farmers and consumers throughout the country.

Nilesh Kothari
Nilesh Kothari
Co-Founder of Trifecta Capital

At Trifecta, we have always been mindful of the opportunity in F&V logistics. Ninjacart has done a great job in delivering fresh produce to retailers efficiently while removing non-value-adding middlemen to improve the earnings realised by farmers. We are excited to help them get even bigger and better in their journey, as they use our debt to invest in fulfillment, collection and distribution centres.

Farmer at Maranagere

I've been selling all my vegetables to Ninjacart, and the entire process gets completed in just 20 minutes. Ninjacart pays within 24 hours and does not charge extra commission, which is not just convenient, but also a huge blessing to us farmers. I trust their prices and I’ve even recommended all my friends to supply to Ninjacart.

Ranjith Reddy
Ranjith Reddy
Owner of Veg Mela

The prices Ninjacart offers are better than the market and the quality is much fresher. Previously, I’d lose a lot of time and money going to the market, and now I’m able to dedicate all my time to my shop. My customers have also appreciated my produce and my business has improved.

Dilip Papanna
Dilip Papanna
Farmer at Biduruguppe

I came across Ninjacart 4 years ago, and since then I have not faced problems like travelling to the market, wasting an entire day, or waiting for weeks for my payment. The Collection Centre team keeps me informed of the produce required for the day and I send exactly the amount required. With all this time saved, I am able to spend more quality time with my family and also grow a variety of other vegetables in my fields.

Owner of Xpress Hyper Market

I truly appreciate Ninjacart’s initiative to solve the problem that is faced by business all across the country. I order from the app at night, and my order is fulfilled on time the next day. An additional advantage is that they accept returns in case any of the vegetables or fruits are defective in quality. My customer base has also increased and I’ve been able to scale up my business.

Pavan Kumar
Pavan Kumar
Driver Partner

Buying a transport vehicle was a risky investment but delivering vegetables and fruits to Ninjacart customers has helped me put it to good use. The people I work with are very interesting and there's not a dull day that goes by. Being the son of a farmer myself, I am glad that I am able to contribute to their welfare while also meeting my needs.